Kingston Shebang – Year ‘3’ August 20, 2014 post by Elysha Poirier

photo of Tett Centre reconstruction

photo of Tett Centre reconstruction

yarn bomb in Montreal.  artist unknown

yarn bomb in Montreal. artist unknown

August 19-20, 2014
Two days in Kingston, a city full of rich history… you can feel it in the pavement beneath your feet, see it in the stone houses and courtyards.
Conversations of people who have gone before us, I think of inspiring movements like “guerilla knitting”, also known as yarn bombing. It’s a form of street art to wrap an object, structure or a thing of nature in colourful yarn. It’s almost exclusively about a movement of reclaiming and personalizing sterile or old public places.
We explore movement in the Kingston workshop in many forms: warm up movement; asking what moves us, and what does it mean to move?
There’s a warmth in the group that melts my anxiety that comes with entering a new process, one that is so much bigger than myself. 
The word ‘new’ has been a central theme for last year or so: moving to a new city, new projects, and most recently meeting the Kingston artists who are about to move into a new home (the Tett Centre). Exploring the challenges and questions about what ‘moving’ means. Sometimes, just having a conversation about challenges we all face can make it feel less daunting, and more exciting.
The Tett Centre is an old brewery that is currently a massive construction zone. Its transformation from what I’ve gathered, is huge.  It’s inspiring to witness how these artists, and the Shebang process will work together to wrap this centre in warmth through their art. I think about the act of wrapping yarn around an urban fixture, making it new again, personalizing it. It will be a home coming for them, and that calls for a celebration, a massive house warming. 
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