Shared Words from Kingston Shebang artists and Public Workshop participants

Kingston Shebang public workshop

Kingston Shebang Community Workshop

August 22, 2014

I thought it would be useful to include another option for observations, thoughts, concerns, inspirations, disappointments, questions… to be shared in the time and space we have already carved out for the Shebang.  I brought in a box and index cards and invited everyone to write briefly and anonymously.  We did this 2 times with the core ensemble and once following the open community workshop.
here is some of what was collected (there were also some symbols that unfortunately I cannot recreate in text):
Working on rationing my energy…we’ll see…visualizing little wood furnaces in my cells
So many unique ways of looking at things
Wondering if I have my own stories.  The keyword a STORY.  searching for my own story…
A good reminder of the importance of reaching out and connecting to others is what makes a community a strong one.
Beautiful harmonies.    What loving energy.
day 1 – difficult drained, need to be alone, want to leave, went home exhausted
day 2 – before practice mixed feelings so much to do no time   want to stop Shebang
reframe practice   music energizes   feeling better…good day.
day 3 – good opening/warmup.  good vibes.  liked wall exercise of ‘moving’.  great dance energy.  more energy at end!
old world
surface   curve   warmth   gentle line   coming out
monday – it was monday  worried about things but had a commitment for Shebang
twisted thoughts about being in the dark Baby Grand and coming to the end of summer, enrolment, starting over again with a new year.
time well spent.  my appreciation of the Shebang process is definitely deepening and is becoming more helpful with my own work.
random acts of moving
I’m feeling so grateful, so deeply fortunate to be supported in a space of creative discoveries.
Interpretations  listening  leading  selecting  following  connections with community    how can this relate to what goes on now in Kingston   gently taking out   introducing
Shared focus, experiences, challenges
support, direct and indirect
expanding perceptions, ideas and possibilities
sanctuary that you can count on
connections with movements, people and motifs
lots and lots of ideas and sparking off points
super day – again     getting clarified!
permission to explore possibilities   memories   movements  rhythms  connections  combinations 
Dance so deeply you forget the dancer and become the dance.
.rhythm.  .moving.  .through.
I feel that there has been such rich ways of communicating in non-verbal ways…sometimes I feel as though we are doing too much talking…it is necessary but perhaps we need to spend a little more time in silence to find our way through the complexity of these profound connections.
glad to be in practice out of my own head!
observing, creating, moving, focus outside of myself!
Eureka    explosion
calm down listen don’t react no voice in head just get out of the way let joy in
understand   wait   feel   carry   soar
I’m feeling a little raw and vulnerable.  This process is putting in a sharp perspective for me, what it is we call home, how we perceive home and its ability to couch us in a sense of belonging.  I feel homesick, yet I feel deeply and profoundly at home here.
scratch music dance feel see hear    stories on the wall    stories in, on, around us
I have missed seeing everyone and sharing, bearing witness to the beautiful collective that is Shebang.  I am so genuinely looking forward to seeing where you have travelled in your journey.
healing practice of movement to just be
At the end… I felt as if I was on ecstasy
Fresh Air   Thank you
thank you to Ebon, Chantal, Moyra, Irina, Dorothy, Terry, Kyoko, Harry, Alison, Melissa and to our wonderful workshop guests for sharing these words.


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