St Catharines Shebang – Year 2 December 14-15, 2013 Snapshots from notes by David Vivian

December 14:
Plan: to build a program. To build the contract with the audience.
What is seen, what isn’t seen.
Journey behind.
We do not need a unifying narrative.  Invitation to bring existing pieces. To jam, extrapolate upon. To provide (small material) that generates. Working to place the audience within.  The challenge of not knowing.
The Light Watching (Elizabeth’s script/score).
Donʼt act. See the light. Take the light flare. See the other. Take the bit of knowledge and share. Send it out the orifice. Your own inner landscape is OK to pass as thread through a tapestry. Lay down simply … arms on either side, in the same direction. Ends when we are all down. Relaxed.
Tomorrow at 2pm we will engage community into processes. Not show, but play with. How do we get the audience to come in and uncross their arms? Reaching organically and making connections. Create expectations. Working to place the audience within. Challenge of not knowing.
December 15:
(Brittany joins us!)
Self awareness

Image by David Vivian

Record and share. Reveal strategies to build forward.

Remember when we agreed to disagree.
How does fear interrupt our communication?

Inviting others to come along. do we stay in this process when we are anxious?

Quick warm up
Focus on voices and story-telling
local histories: St Kits’s patents; Vanillin; Zipper; Auto pilot; the work using Tesla’s invention ..AC/DC
Idea of past and future
(We are in a) Time in between stories
Afternoon session:
Susannah H and Sara P and Babs W join us
Not knowing. Lets begin.
Quieting of the mind..challenge of the visual. .exchange of trust..side to side of the head. ..experiencing the body in ways we don’t often permit..suspension
Closing down focus..losing openness
Andrea observed bravery.
Looking for thresholds
Riding the threshold
Refection…brave, sharing…how things come together when we move…initiate the invention..
Move into improvised play . . guests are welcome to stay as we practice ways of being together
Enjoy different shades of participation
Surprising interaction of stories
Enjoyed moments of silence
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